Reboring motorcycle cylinder & assy. ( Simson S 51 )   (520913)
Reboring motorcycle cylinder & assy. ( Simson S 51 )  (520913)
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Brand Sorte Type
Simson Simson S51 (50,60,70) Simson S51 typ Electronic ( 50,60,70)
Simson Simson S51 (50,60,70) Simson S51 typ Enduro ( 50,60,70)
Simson Simson SR - skutr ( 50,60,70 ) Simson SR - skutr ( 50,60,70 )
The order can only be made after the customer has delivered the part (cylinder). The complete cutter includes a piston set (piston, rings, piston pin, saw blades) + the cylinder itself. The price is stated as a basic version, this means a single cut. If the roller is worn more, we charge 100, - CZK for each additional cut. The used components are the highest quality available to us. The cylinder can be fitted with cheaper, non-branded components - NOT RECOMMENDED.

We require parts to be delivered clean, ready for the order. If the item is delivered unclean, we charge 300 CZK per hour (excluding VAT) for cleaning. Please note, therefore, the possible increase in the final contract price.

The resulting price may vary depending on the selected pistons and country of origin (CZ, HU). We supply the parts according to the agreement and according to the manufacturer's availability.

The assortment is not subject to the calculation of volume or quantity discounts.

We recommend that you prevent any damage to the part during transport ( carrier, courier etc.) and send the part in a reinforced box, preferably in a wooden box in which the part will be secured against movement. In this package the part after the cut will be sent back. In case of insufficient packaging, we do not take responsibility for any shipping damages.

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piston - pin 12,0mm
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